Shelters of Saratoga

Shelters of Saratoga is located in Saratoga Springs and provides safe, sober and structured environment where emergency houseguests can gain independence and stability during a maximum stay of 60 days due to high demand. Individuals seeking assistance from SOS have varying degrees of needs and circumstances. During case management meetings, houseguests are referred to appropriate programs and services (e.g. mental health or drug and alcohol services). Employment seeking assistance is provided.

Since 1997 Shelters of Saratoga has been designated by the NYS Department of Housing and Community Renewal as an agency that can revitalize local neighborhoods by assisting low-income citizens of Saratoga Springs with housing rehabilitation and repairs which, if not resolved, might cause the homes to become unsafe or uninhabitable, resulting in homelessness.

Shelters of Saratoga owns and manages two properties that contain a total of seven apartments which provide an affordable housing option in downtown Saratoga Springs. The properties promote independent, permanent and safe housing. During a tenant’s occupancy, should they be in need of assistance with transportation, nutritional, medical or financial needs, SOS staff will gladly assist them in arranging for support services.

The First Baptist Church provides meals and visits with the residents of Shelters of Saratoga. If you are interested in the ministry please contact the church office 885-8361.